Architecture design is a permanent reflection for the cultural & civilized society development which reflects its personality

  • Integrated Architectural Designs
  • Plumbing and Electrical
  • Sustainable / Green Home Designs
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Projects Management (Structural, Civil, etc.)


Real Estate Investment is not only financial investment stalled on the cash flows that indispensable for the Real Estate project but it is a connections and linkage extend to surrounding environment and individuals who are subscribers in that work Whether they are investors and contractors or customers, the Serious investor is able to lead this interaction positively about achieving growth in all financial, economic, social, environmental aspects.

-Development of real estate services

– Real estate Marketing

-Project Management

-Engineering service


  • Creation . The design process is one of people. It starts with listening and understanding. Before we imagine , we interact. The concept is not one from AIAS ; it is from the collective minds of AIAS and our clients.
  • -Interior Space Planning
  • -Building Survey and Documentation
  • -Project Management
  • -Home Builder / Contractor Selection
  • -Finishes, Fabrics, and Materials


Designs for exhibitions by time and function required for this exhibition

  1. Work surfaces design
  2. Implementation of exhibitions and required arrangements



  1. Furniture distribution according to spaces
  2. Manufacturing cabinets and clothes units
  3. The supply and installation of home units
  4. The choice of fabrics and curtains Services
  5. Supply and installation for accessories


AIAS do not innovate just for innovations; we believe that a fully high communication with fast work flow serve the building’s aim is important target, also comfortable and rewarding office is vital for bringing out the best in workers. And a company’s success depends on getting the best out of each and every employee. That is our concept replete with the good use of ITC in designing building layout inside and outside.

The workplace is an important part of the business for a professional services firm, and needs to reflect the business and company culture. AIAS understands how a company’s brand and reputation is reflected in its office design, and prides itself on working with each client to achieve that goal .


AIAS is a fully integrated branding agency providing cutting edge, innovative graphic design solutions across the board. Our team includes illustrators, graphic designers, 3d designers, photographers, web designers, ensuring you are having the best ways to set your marketing strategy on fire .


Our company invests all the opportunities in our projects to achieve the best performance in order to achieve full satisfaction for all our customers.